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Curation: Beyond The Buzzword
26 minutes, 12.3mb, recorded 2011-02-16
Steve Rosenbaum

According to Eric Schmidt, "Between the dawn of civilization through 2003, mankind created five exabytes of information. Now that much amount of information is created every two days." Curator Steve Rosenbaum does not seem impressed by this mass of unorganized information. According to Rosenbaum, what humans need is a way to categorize, find, and sort information qualitatively. however, we emphasizes, that this is a job that, at the moment, requires a human instead of a computer.

Alluding to our reflexive need to check our emails and the tendency of Google and other search engines to give us far too much information, Rosenbaum dismisses the past standard of  'Content is King.' He instead stresses the importance of curation and human influence on sorting and choosing information. The problem, in his opinion, is combining this quality with computer efficiency.

With his own examples of curation, which includ a book and a documentary about September 11, 2001, Steve Rosenbaum stresses the importance of creating collections of information, works of art, and culture, and liberating it in a flexible architecture that allows us to consume that information in a way that most makes sense for us. He also discusses the use of modern technology and tablet technology to present new opportunities in dealing with massive amounts of information.

Steve Rosenbaum is a curator, author, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of, a Realtime Video Curation engine for publishers, brands, and Websites.


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