Michael Widenius

Founder of MySQL AB

State of MariaDB
25 minutes, 11.9mb, recorded 2011-04-13

MariaDB is an open source project with an active community, and most of the new improvements in the versions of MariaDB have substantial community input. MariaDB.org has signed over 30 partners and has a strategic partnership with SkySQL for support, leaving the team to concentrate on development.

Re-engineering the optimizer has been a major thrust, with as much as 250% improvement, Widenius says. Meanwhile, MariaDB developers are working to maintain compatibility with MySQL. MariaDB supports microsecond measurement in its TIMESTAMP, TIME DATETIME types, NOW() and all CAST and TIME related functions. Important to speeding things up: Group commit between binary log and storage engines; Faster and safer replication; Larger buffers speeding replication time; Small optimizations, code clean-ups, better error messages and bug fixes.

The MariaDB source code and releases contain a C connector which still has the original FOSS exception, diverging from new Oracle code. Widenius says a new LGBL C Connector is due in the new releases, with beta for MariaDB 5.3 available now. The team is also working on a proof of concept for dynamic columns.

A wishlist for MariaDB 5.6:

GIS: Open GIS compliance, deeper integration of GIS optimizer
More online operations: analyze table, alter online table
Compatibility & usability: IPv6, Query logging and summary per query, 
Audit for specific users. 
Optimizer: Working with Intel to get much better performance on CPUs, in MySQL enterprise
Thread Pool

Michael Widenius is founder of MySQL AB; original author & architect of the MySQL server; founder and CEO of Monty Program Ab and creator of MariaDB; and founder of the Open Database Alliance.


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