Tomas Ulin

Vice President of MySQL Engineering, Oracle

State of the Dolphin
37 minutes, 17.4mb, recorded 2011-04-12
Tomas Ulin

In a 2011 O'Reilly conference, Oracle's Tomas Ulin and Empire Avenue's Duleepa Wijayawardhana present many features of the newest MySQL editions, explaining benefits such as transparency, speed, adaptive query localizations, and increases in column support. Ulin frames these accomplishments within the acquisition year, intermixing specific changes with broader themes of Oracle's organization, but also reassures the audience that Oracle is also listening to input and watching social media for ideas.

Ulin also lists several products available under the GPL, including MySQL Proxy, MySQL Cluster, and MySQL Workbench Community Edition. He also presents smaller, technical changes in the newest versions of MySQL, highlighting InnoDB's position as the default storage engine and a +1500% improvement in performance in MySQL 5.5; Wijayawardhana also discusses similar improvements in MySQL 5.6.

In between presenting specific additions and improvements as well as a broader preview of new editions, Ulin also gives a quick mission statement displaying Oracle's goals with MySQL. With a plan of increasing availability, quickening deployment and lowering all costs involved, Oracle has ambitious ideas for the future, and Ulin presents many of those ideas as actualized just one year after acquisition.

Tomas Ulin has been working with the MySQL Database team since 2003, and is currently employed by Oracle, based in Sweden.  He is Vice President for the MySQL Engineering team, responsible for the development of the MySQL related software products within Oracle, such as the MySQL Server, MySQL Cluster, MySQL Workbench, and MySQL Enterprise Monitor.  Prior to working with MySQL he has a background in the telecom industry, working for the Swedish telecom operator Telia and Telecom vendor Ericsson.  He has a Masters degree in Computer Science and Applied Physics from Case Western Reserve University, and a PhD in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology.

Duleepa Wijayawardhana is CEO of Empire Avenue, the world’s first social media exchange. Dups has been working with Internet-related stuff since 1993, and has experienced the joy and frustrations of leading and developing large-scale databases and applications accessed by millions of users, including game-related properties at BioWare Corp. (now a division of Electronic Arts). Before founding Empire Avenue, he was the Community Relations Manager in North America for Sun Microsystems/MySQL and has been seen travelling coast-to-coast talking to universities, technical groups and conferences, trying to socially network the old-fashioned way.


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