Pete Kruckenberg

Utah Education Network

Apache/Perl vs. node.js
41 minutes, 18.9mb, recorded 2011-05-31
Pete Kruckenberg

As part of his work for the Utah Education Network, Pete Kruckenberg originally began a project using Apache and Perl. A few months into the process, his group chose to switch to node.js to complete the project. He speaks about why the change was made, including both the postive aspects, as well as some of the downsides of the new process. His technical discussion presents a useful example of a typical software project and how changes are sometimes made in the middle of the work.

Pete Kruckenberg is Software Architect at Utah Education Network, a state agency which provides IT services for Utah education and government customers. He is currently leading development of the UTIPS assessment system which supports self-learning and better collaboration between K-12 teachers and students. Recently he has worked as a senior programmer for a leading enterprise SaaS company, a senior network engineer building and operating Utah's state-wide world-class education/research network, and various technical and management positions in startups and public companies, and the public sector. Pete began programming at 12 on the Apple //e and has been involved with building and operating software and network infrastructure from 300-baud BBS's on Commodore 64's to today's massive open-source server farms.


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