Lisa Katayama

Author, TokyoMango; Correspondent, Boing Boing,

How The Earthquake Can Jump Start Innovation In Japan
10 minutes, 5mb, recorded 2011-03-31
Lisa Katayama

Sharing her personal take on the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Lisa Katayama invites the audience to take a moment to think collectively about the tragedy, even as the death toll rises above 20,000 people.

Katayama points to a path for Japan to reinvent itself and emerge even stronger. Signs of innovation appeared early during the crisis of 2011. Katayama communicates the bravery and resilience of the Japanese community, an example the world can learn from.

Marking an emerging trend, Katayama sees social media as essential to logistics. Anecdotes also show how social media also proved to be critical to the way Japan communicated during the aftermath. Note: There are some Japanese-language clips which are explained to the audience. Lisa Katayama uses these clips to capture the emotional sentiment of the country. 

Lisa Katayama writes about culture, technology, and human rights for Wired, Popular Science, Fast Company, and the New York Times Magazine. She produces radio segments for PRI's Studio360 and is a Correspondent for Boing Boing, one of Time Magazine's five most essential blogs of 2010. She also has a blog on everything you wanted to know about the birth place of Godzilla, Gundam, all-you-can-eat Shabu Shabu, and panty vending machines.

She explains Japanese culture on CNN, BBC, CBC, WSJ, and ABC. She also appears at places like ETech, and Ignite!, and the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan.


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