Zoltan Nagy

Self-Assembling Surgeons: Magnetic Connectors
16 minutes, 7.6mb, recorded 2010-05-01
Topics: Biotech
Zoltan Nagy

Zoltan Nagy talks with Per Sjoborg about working with magnetic connectors for a modular robot intended for gastric surgery. Zoltan's purpose is to develop a system with pieces that can be swallowed individually that will then assemble in the stomach and perform surgery.

Nagy studied the optimal design of these magnetic connectors. Surprisingly, his results showed that configurations of magnetic properties that seemed similar actually had significant differences in connection success. Zoltan Nagy explores this problem and other puzzling new developments in the field of self-reconfiguring modular robotics (SRCMR).

Zoltan Nagy received his MS in Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich in 2006. He specialized in robotics and microsystems. Since then, he has been a research assistant at the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems. The focus of his research includes the magnetic modeling of complex magnetic microrobots as well as modeling self-assembling robots.


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Photo: Zoltan Nagy