Paul Trevethick, Kaliya Hamlin, Drummond Reed

Personal Data Ecosystem (PDE)
55 minutes, 25.2mb, recorded 2011-02-28
Paul Trevethick, Kaliya Hamlin, Drummond Reed

Given that amount of digital data available about people and businesses, users are discovering that they have no way to control and correct information about themselves. The Personal Data Ecosystem is a project meant to help create ways for better digital management. Three members of the PDE community, Paul Trevethick, Kaliya Hamlin, and Drummond Reed discuss the status of their activities, emphasizing some of the technical aspects of how to assist businesses and individuals manage their digital lives.

Paul Trevithick is an American inventor, engineer and entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of Azigo, and has served as its CEO and CTO since 2003. He initiated and is the technical leader of the work that is now the Eclipse Foundation's Higgins project. Supporting this effort, he also co-founded, the (now part of Identity Commons), Identity Schemas. In 2008 Trevithick founded the Information Card Foundation and currently serves as its chair. In 2009 he co-founded and is co-chair of the Kantara Universal Login User Experience Working Group. Trevithick is a member of the Kantara Leadership Council and a steward of Identity Commons.

Kaliya Hamlin is an expert in user-centric identity and data sharing and is sought out to brief executives in industry, government, and academia, most recently including SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Academies. Kaliya has spoken about these topics at events such as SuperNova, Microsoft’s Mix Conference, O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony Web 2.0 Expo, NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference, and NetSquared. In 2009 Kaliya was named by Fast Company magazine as one of the most influential women in tech. She has been quoted in a range of media including the New York Times, Technology Review, Business Week, and ReadWriteWeb.

Drummond Reed ( is chairman of Respect Network, a startup in the personal data ecosystem space. From 2009-2010, he was Executive Director of the Information Card Foundation and also served as the inaugural Executive Director of Open Identity Exchange. He is co-chair of two OASIS Technical Committees: XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier; and XDI (XRI Data Interchange; He was a founding board member in 1999 of the International Security, Trust, and Privacy Alliance (ISTPA) and in 2005 of the OpenID Foundation. He currently serves as a director of, secretary of XDI.ORG,and a steward of Identity Commons. He is also a founder and director of Seattle-based Cordance Corporation. A recipient of the 2002 Digital Identity Pioneer Award from DigitalIDWorld, Drummond blogs on identity, trust frameworks, and data sharing at




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