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Rob Pike, Distinguished Engineer, Google

If you remember programming in C, you'll remember that it felt like music, or wine, or philosophy. Programming languages back then were laconic; they said all in just little text, like a few musical notes make a whole song that says it all. Today's mainstream programming languages, in contrast, are heavy, intricate and verbose. How did we get here and what comes next? Rob Pike, the co-creator of the Go programming language, and a Distinguished Engineer at Google, thinks the solution is a language that gives us the best from both worlds.

Rob Pike is a Distinguished Engineer at Google, Inc., and more recently, the co-designer of the Go programming language.

He works on distributed systems, data mining, programming languages, and software development tools. Before Google, Rob was a member of the Computing Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs, the lab that developed Unix. While there, he worked on computer graphics, user interfaces, languages, concurrent programming, and distributed systems. He was an architect of the Plan 9 and Inferno operating systems and is the co-author with Brian Kernighan of The Unix Programming Environment and The Practice of Programming. Other details of his life appear on line but vary in veracity.

Rob Pike also appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman (.mov file) in 1990.


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