Doug Kaye

Executive Director, The Conversations Network

A Witness to a the Egyptian Revolution
63 minutes, 29mb, recorded 2011-02-07
Doug Kaye

For many years, IT Conversations has presented a great cross-section of technology-related interviews and presentations. Yet when Conversations Network Executive Direct Doug Kaye and his wife recently returned from a trip to Egypt as the country began its possible revolution, it was logical to hear his story. He joins Phil and Scott to review the event and share his current thoughts on what they witnessed.

Doug first gives an overview of their vacation trip and how it suddenly changed into something completely different. He talks about how he quickly saw changes in how Egyptians viewed their leadership. He also discusses how the country's internet cut-off affected both tourists and citizens alike. He describes an event that he called a first hand view of a possible revolution in the Middle East.

He presents details of conversations he had with Egyptians and how they saw the demonstrations, as well as the importance of technology to the citizens. He also assesses the importance of social networking to the everyday life of Egyptians and to its possible use by demonstrators.

Doug then gives his thoughts about the future of the demonstrations, both to the country of Egypt and to the rest of the world. He points out the problems of understanding a Muslim country as well as how Egyptians don't understand United States policies toward other countries.

The discussion also includes details of the importance of technology to typical Egyptians, particularly as it relates to the country's educational system.

Doug Kaye is IT Conversations' original host, producer, developer, writer, interviewer and engineer. Doug is now Executive Director of the Conversations Network and the creator of

In what seems to him like a previous lifetime, Doug was a recording engineer and sound editor in film and television. After mixing one too many TV commercials and English dubs of Lina Wertmuller films he made a break to the software industry. After another 18 years as an IT entrepreneur/CEO, he successfully worked his way down the corporate ladder and served as CTO/VP Engineering of four dot-com startups: one successful IPO, two shutdowns, one still on life support.


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