Andrew Campbell

Dartmouth College

Mobile Sensing
45 minutes, 20.8mb, recorded 2011-01-03
Andrew Campbell

The Mobile Sensing Group at Dartmouth College is helping lead the way in turning the everyday mobile phone into an open global mobile sensing platform for personal, social-nets and societal-scale sensing. Led by faculty member Andrew Campbell, the group is working to be involved in new ways to use mobile devices. He gives an overview of the work carried out at Dartmouth with his colleague Tanzeem Choudhury, starting with such challenges as privacy, and discusses how the group uses Jigsaw. He also gives some examples of possible applications.

Andrew Campbell is an experimental computer scientist working on mobile ubiquitous computing.  At Dartmouth, he leads the mobile sensing group. His research is currently focused on turning the everyday smartphone into an über-smartphone by pushing intelligence to the phone and the computing cloud to make inferences about people's behavior, surroundings and their life patterns. He is interested in using the mobile phone to sense, inform and persuade people, for example, about their health and well-being.

Before joining Dartmouth computer science, he was  a tenured associated professor of electrical engineering at Columbia University (1996-2005). Prior to that he spent ten years in the software industry working on the development of operating systems and wireless networks.


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