Ylian Saint-Hilaire


Ylian Saint-Hilaire

MeshCentral, a remote monitoring and management web site, allows a user to connect with home or office devices from anywhere in the world. It requires a special management agent on computers, but once installed, the computers will show up in the My Devices section of the MeshCentral web site allowing a user to monitor them, power them on and off and take control of them. Developer Ylian Saint-Hilaire of Intel discusses the project, now in its alpha phase. He talks about its development and the Android app that allows a user to take advantage of MeshCentral fro a remote location.

Ylian Saint-Hilaire is a senior architect at Intel, part of a path finding group and is currently researching new ways of using Intel platform technologies. Ylian is known at for his work on platform manageability and Universal Plug & Play (UPnP). Recognized as an innovator and public speaker, he was awarded two Intel Achievement Awards for outstanding work enabling the digital home. In this current position, Ylian works for a path finding and innovation group and on connecting computer hardware features to web services and even social networks.


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