Kathy Sierra

Creating Passionate Users

Creating Passionate Citizens
15 minutes, 7.2mb, recorded 2010-05-26
Kathy Sierra

Kathy Sierra describes how to create passion in people and highlights the importance of passion in people's lives. The basis for her analysis is the belief that passion can actually save lives, and without it there is little hope to change the current circumstances.

Sierra suggests that passion creates a higher resolution of an experience. This higher resolution then translates into a richer experience and leads to a wider spectrum of knowledge about a incident or subject which in turn,  allows passionate people to understand and sense details which others can not.

Sierra argues that by helping people to get better at something passionately, the world becomes a better place.  Passion is a great motivator.  When broken down into a few steps, it can be used both as a tool and a benefit to the end user.

Kathy Sierra worked as a game programmer, interaction designer, and learning specialist (Sun Microsystems, UCLA Extension) before creating the best-selling Head First series for O’Reilly. She was the original creator of one of the largest software developer communities, javaranch.com, and the author of a Technorati Top 100 blog, “Creating Passionate Users.”


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