Kasper Stoy

Associate Professor, USD Modular Robotics Research Lab

Self-Reconfigurable Robots
54 minutes, 24.9mb, recorded 2010-05-01
Kasper Stoy

Self-reconfigurable robots are constructed of robotic modules that can be connected in many different ways. It is all about modules, basically Lego pieces, that can assemble themselves into anything. SRCMR is trying to develop a Universal Physical Machine that can simulate any other machine or structure, just like the computer is a Universal Calculating Machine and can simulate any calculating machine.

Kasper Stoy discusses his work in their development. He reviews how they are different from traditional robots, including why they are easier to keep working. He covers all the major challenges, from module and connector hardware to power and communications network, reconfiguring algorithms and design and programming of solutions, and this is, an many other things naturally what the rest of the series will cover more in detail.

Kasper Stoy is an associate professor at the Maersk McKinney Moller Institute, University of Southern Denmark (USD), and a co-director of USD’s Modular Robotics Lab. He received his MSc in computer science and physics from the University of Aarhus, Denmark and his PhD in computer systems engineering from USD in 2003. He spent a year of his PhD studies at USC’s Information Sciences Institute, CA, USA and has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University.

Kasper is the co-author of the book Self-Reconfigurable Robots: An Introduction (MIT Press, 2010), and has published more than forty papers of which three first-author papers received awards. He organizes international workshops on modular robots, serves as reviewer for IEEE conferences and journals, International Journal of Advanced Robotics, Journal of Autonomous Robots, and Journal of Simulation of Adaptive behaviour and several more. KS also developed the first version of the Player component of the multi-robot simulation tool Player/Stage, which is the most widely used simulation in this field worldwide, and co-founded the company Universal Robots. He currently manages the ``Morphing Production Lines'' research project funded by the Danish Research Council for Technology and Production and is USD's PI on the EU project Locomorph.


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