Kaj Arno

VP MySQL Community Relations, Sun Microsystems GmbH

State of the MySQL Community
40 minutes, 18.4mb, recorded 2010-04-15
Topics: Open Source
Kaj Arnö

MySQL has had a turbulent couple of years after it was acquired by Sun and Sun was acquired by Oracle.  At the 2010 MySQL Conference, Kaj Arnö, VP of Community Relations at MySQL, reviews what has changed so far and what the future holds as MySQL integrates into Oracle.

He reassures the MySQL community that the user base will still be supported, the technology will continue to improve, and it will remain open source licensed.  Being a part of Oracle will also help MySQL improve its performance, ease of use, and stability.  Despite fears that two consecutive acquisitions would damage MySQL, Arnö is confident that the result will be mostly positive.

Kaj Arnö is VP MySQL Community at Sun Microsystems in Munich, Germany. He promotes the 3 Ps of the MySQL Community: Popularity, Participation and Pioneering—connecting the external and internal MySQL developers with each other. Kaj devotes his free time to establishing Runnism, the Religion of Running, mostly in social media running on MySQL.


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