Steve Spencer

President and CTO, Twelve Horses

The Future of Interactive Marketing on the Web
46 minutes, 21.1mb, recorded 2010-04-28
Steve Spencer

The explosion of information demands a different perspective towards interactive marketing, from control to adaptation. The fragmentation of the audience has led Steve Spencer to sum up what's happening today in three trends: on demand, on line, and cross device. He looks at the challenges of radio, TV, print, and email as a way of explaining these trends.

Communications is evolving from a static one-way story telling posture, to an engaging dialogue, to social communication, as the net evolves in a direction that empowers the end user. Communication 3.0 recognizes the need to embrace semantics (for greater relevance), social communications (idea virus), in an executable web with many microcosms (little walled gardens).

Exploring how your message can become viral as it spreads and replicates itself and becomes part of its environment, Steve looks at how instant gratification is influencing the relevance of communication. To make sence of how communications is fundamentally empowering people he says to keep in mind the four Rs. Consumers want Relevance, and Reliability (trust) and marketers want Reach and an ability to React in real time. The magic zone where people fall in love with your brand is where the four Rs overlap.

Steve Spencer determines the technological direction of Twelve Horses, while holding all business units within the company to their financial and strategic goals.  Spencer has more than 18 years of leadership experience in the messaging and data replication industries where he has successfully built various industrial strength messaging solutions sold by such companies as Premier Global Services, MCI WorldCom, Sprint, Pitney Bowes, and Qwest; and data integration products for dotOne Corporation, MCI WorldCom, and Critical Path.  He was recently featured in the Utah Business magazine’s cover story,“Forty Under 40: Utah’sRising Stars" - the sixth annual 40 Under 40 list assembles the key leaders andentrepreneurs from the state of Utah. Spencer shares his experience, dedication, and passion for technology with the Email Service Provider Coalition (ESPC), Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO), Utah Technology Council (UTC), as well as his new pursuit, the Utah Tech Spotlight.


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