Steve Gillmor

Editor, TechCrunchIT

The Client-side Revolution: What's Next
51 minutes, 23.7mb, recorded 2010-04-27
Steve Gillmor

In this era of accelerating rate of change, Steve Gillmor muses over what all this means. As a well known observer and commentator on technology, he is well positioned to offer us an opportunity to learn, as we see things through Steve's eyes.

While doing this for us, he says he's like "a blind man at the toes of an elephant" as he himself struggles to understand where the next wave of value will come from. However, Steve believes Kynetx will be at the fore front, as we are starting to recognize a need to allow people to display their attitudes towards the data they receive.

He looks at harnessing Social Cloud dynamics, and why affinity groups(social niche groups) will be powerful economic engines. Steve says we have to incentify competition. It is the fuel for collaboration, and collaboration has to become a more rewarding and pleasurable experience, for there to be more of it. This is why he explains why the iPad is a must-have.

Steve Gillmor is a technology commentator, editor, and producer in the enterprise technology space. After an early career as a record producer and filmmaker with Columbia Records’ Firesign Theatre, Gillmor worked with leading musical artists including Paul Butterfield, David Sanborn, and members of The Band. As personal computers emerged in video and music production tools, Gillmor started contributing to various publication,smost notably Byte Magazine.

A podcasting pioneer, he developed and hosted the seminal Gillmor Gang podcast with industry notables including Jon Udell, Dan Farber, Mike Arrington, Jason Calacanis, Michael Vizard, Doc Searls and others as regulars.Gillmor has also championed development of industry standards, most notably his role as co-creator of the attention.xml specification and co-founder of the Attention Trust, a non-profit organization to protect user data rights.



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