Jon Udell

Kynetx Impact

Architectures of Context
52 minutes, 24.2mb, recorded 2010-04-27
Jon Udell

The Internet has infinite capabilities, and Jon Udell, host of the Conversations Network's Interviews with Innovators, discusses many of them in this segment of the 2010 Kynetx Impact Conference. These possibilities, however, can be well-received or rather reviled, leading to his further analysis into how people regard the Web.

The context Udell discusses throughout this presentation can take a number of forms: business in particular receives the spotlight, as the idea of digital identity is established and redesigned, and connections increase between companies and clients or customers.

Jon Udell is an author, information architect, software developer, and new media innovator. His 1999 book, Practical Internet Groupware, helped lay the foundation for what we now call social software. Udell was formerly a software developer at Lotus, BYTE Magazine's executive editor and Web maven, and an independent consultant.

A hands-on thinker, Udell's analysis of industry trends has always been informed by his own ongoing experiments with software, information architecture, and new media.

From 2002 to 2006 he was InfoWorld's lead analyst, author of the weekly Strategic Developer column, and blogger-in-chief. During his InfoWorld tenure he also produced a series of screencasts and an audio show that continues as Interviews with Innovators on the Conversations Network.

In 2007 Udell joined Microsoft as a writer, interviewer, speaker, and experimental software developer. Currently he is building and documenting a community information hub that's based on open standards and runs in the Azure cloud.


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