Joe Vito

Former CTO, Dun & Bradstreet

Everything That's Old is New Again
47 minutes, 21.8mb, recorded 2010-04-28
Joe Vito

Business is the name of the game in Joe Vito's presentation for the 2010 Kynetx Impact Conference; in particular, the business of consumer relations and software's impact on a variety of markets. The purpose of his talk, implicitly stated his many subpoints, is to change the communication between consumers and those providing the service from a one-way street to a less confining format.

As such, there is some criticism for the majority of past and present businesses: the lack of pace with new and better technology, a little inertia in changing to meet current media and technology markets, and some inability to see far each new wave of technology can take the world. However, the majority of the presentation fulfills those latter steps, as he provides examples of how corporations can change their services and how customers -- as well as more up-to-date employees -- can push for that change.

Joseph Vito brings 25 years of unrelenting passion for transforming business through technology in leadership roles traversing global centers of excellence in technology and information systems, customer operations and product development and re-engineering.   Joe has the ability to think strategically, execute tactically, and his expertise in enterprise architecture and commercial/consumer content is a significant asset in harnessing the digital migration of business into areas of social media, cloud computing and context aware processing.

Joe’s business skills and ability to drive technology innovation, has more recently enabled him to achieve industry leading results as Chief Technology Officer for Dun & Bradstreet and US Trust.  Prior to these roles Joe spend over a decade in various senior technology leadership roles with Merrill Lynch, where he established a solid track record of developing innovative solutions by building partnerships with the business.  He was directly involved in Merrill Lynch Online, Merrill Lynch Direct and their industry leading Wealth Management Technology Platform which has retained its position as the industry benchmark for financial services.

Joe holds a BA from Union College and MBA from Pace University.   


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