Gilad Lotan

Building Bridges Across Languages and Cultures
43 minutes, 19.9mb, recorded 2010-05-11
Gilad Lotan

Gilad Lotan is a world citizen who contributes to Global Voices Online and explores means to visualize the ebb and flow of conversations and memes online. In this conversation with host Jon Udell he explains why and how he surveys the Hebrew blogosphere for readers of English, and discusses his work with Microsoft FUSE Labs where he analyzes how influence moves through communication networks, specifically Twitter.

Gilad Lotan has a background is in both computer science and design and his professional identity centers around bridging these two worlds. He am a seasoned traveler, anxious to learn about and experience new ideals and cultures. While he dreams of a network that connects us all, social and cultural barriers are reproduced online. People tend to stay in their familiar neighborhoods, even when consuming through the safety of their screens. His goal is to create work that takes down these existing walls, and presents its viewers with a new perception for a diversity of cultural perspectives.

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