Jesse Stay

What's New in Social Networking?
66 minutes, 30.4mb, recorded 2010-04-27
Jesse Stay

Social networking expert Jesse Stay joins Phil and Scott to discuss recent changes and issues with Facebook and other networking sites. In addition to reviewing recent Facebook announcements, he also talks about data retrieval, as well as related privacy issues. He also assesses how political candidates are using social networking, as well as the current relevance of Twitter.

Jesse Stay consults with his business, Stay N' Alive Productions, LLC, and runs a social relationship management company called Jesse is one of the pioneers of the Social Media, Facebook, and Twitter Software space. Please Contact him or follow him on Twitter, FriendFeed, or Facebook to schedule his services! Learn more about Jesse and Stay N' Alive Productions on LinkedIn.


This free podcast is from our Technometria with Phil Windley series.

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