Linda Stone

Ancient Breathing Techniques for Modern Information Workers
58 minutes, 26.6mb, recorded 2010-04-23
Linda Stone

Linda Stone coined the phrase "continuous partial attention" and has long been concerned about the psychological effects of computers and networked information systems. Now she's exploring the physiological effects too. In this conversation with Jon Udell, she explains what "email apnea" is, and discusses why and how we should learn to regulate our breathing when we work online.

Linda Stone studies attention, technology, and trends, as well as, our mindbody on technology. Previously, from 1986-2002, she worked in a variety of executive positions, ranging from marketing to research, to senior management, at both Apple and Microsoft. Linda was a pioneer in the area of multimedia in the 1980's, and a pioneer in social media in the early 1990's. More recently, she has been writing and speaking about continuous partial attention, email apnea, and larger cultural trends related to technology and attention, as well as how technology can enhance our lives. Linda writes (,, speaks, consults and serves on Advisory Boards. 


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