John Hancock

PowerPivot, OData, and the Democratization of Business Intelligence
28 minutes, 12.9mb, recorded 2010-04-07
John Hancock

PowerPivot, a new add-in for Excel, can absorb and analyze vast quantities of data. And it can ingest that data from sources that support that Atom-based OData protocol. John Hancock, who led the charge to add support for data feeds to PowerPivot, tells host Jon Udell how it works, why it supports OData, and what this will mean not only for corporate business intelligence but also for the analysis of open public data.

John C. Hancock is a lead program manager in the SQL Server Analysis Services team, which builds servers and applications for business intelligence.  For the last few years he has been working on PowerPivot, which is changing the way people work with data.  Before joining the Analysis Services team, he had a long and colorful career as a business intelligence consultant in various countries, including at Microsoft, as an independent, and in a very early cloud BI startup.



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