David "Lefty" Schlesinger

Director/Chairman, LiMo Foundation/ACCESS

Criticality and Nuance of Governance for Mobile Handset OS
22 minutes, 10.4mb, recorded 2009-03-03

"What we have here, is a failure of governance". So begins LiMo's Open Source Committee Chairman, David "Lefty" Schlesinger in this eComm 2009 presentation. Scheslinger then continues on to discuss the meaning of governance, and the advantage of LiMo's approach over those of Google and Apple for their Android and iPhone application development platforms, before opening the floor to questions.

With Symbian and Android bickering over who's more open, and iPhone developers disgruntled and unhappy with Apple's lack of response and blocking of applications, Schlesinger explores how Google and Apple's approaches to community and platform governance are equally flawed albeit for difference reasons.

Based on an internal governance model of best practices, LiMo's approach is markedly different, and inherently better, says Schleslinger, before he runs through his reasons why.  However, before they make up their own mind, the audience wants to probe a bit deeper, making their own observations and firing off some tough questions.

David "Lefty" Schlesinger is Director of Open Source Technologies at ACCESS Co., Ltd., working principally on open source strategy and community relations, and representing ACCESS in a number of industry and community initiatives.

For LiMo Foundation, he is the chairman of the Open Source Committee and an elected member of the Architectural Steering Committee. He is vice-chair of the Architectural Working Group of the Linux Phone Standards Forum, Chair of the Linux Foundation’s Mobile Linux Working Group, and a member of the GNOME Foundation’s Advisory Board and the GNOME Mobile Initiative.

He was previously director of the Core Technologies department, responsible for delivery of the kernel, drivers and low-level middleware for the ACCESS Linux Platform, following a decade at Apple Computer.

Lefty is well-known in the open source community and is a frequent presenter and panelist at open source-related and industry conferences and events. In the past year, he has spoken at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, the GNOME Users & Developers European Conference (GUADEC), the Ottawa Linux Symposium, Open Source in Mobile, Interop, LugRadio Live USA, OSCON, and Emerging Communications (eComm).


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