Benjamin Joffe

CEO, +8*

Asia's Best of Breed - Learning from the World's Largest and Most Advanced Mobile Markets
24 minutes, 11.1mb, recorded 2009-03-05
Benjamin Joffe

Benjamin Joffe gives an overview of the successes, ambitions, and originality of the Asian Pacific rim's broadband Internet market. He points to ideas such as comics being read on mobiles and novels written exclusively on mobile technology.

Joffe argues that often, Westerners have a tendency to lean on stereotypes of Asians, underestimating their strategic foresight and innovation. Joffe's lecture elaborates on an opinion he expressed in a December 2008 interview with the blog, Business in Korea where he said, "I think most telcos worldwide did not understand [the concept of] an ecosystem and saw it as "suppliers" or "contractors" and tried to squeeze content providers instead of helping them thrive. I think their vision is unlikely to change and that the market will simply pass them by."

Benjamin Joffe is the CEO of +8*, a Beijing-based strategic consultancy, entrepreneur, and blogger. Joffe is a regular keynote speaker at conferences such as  O'Reilly, Lift Asia, and the Virtual Goods Summit. He is considered an expert on mobile and web business models as well as innovation in Asia. Joffe was selected to be among China’s Top 100 mobile industry influencers in 2007 and 2008 as founder of Mobile Monday in Beijing.

Joffe also studied Japanese, Korean and Mandarin Chinese and have been living in Japan, Korea and China since 2000. He was a technology consultant in Tokyo, a mobile market analyst covering Japan & Korea at France Telecom, and a Mobile sns pioneer with NewtGames in Japan and Korea. He is the founder and Managing Director of +8* | Plus 8 Star, a strategy consultancy specializing in mobile and internet innovation in Japan, Korea and China. Benjamin is also a partner in the 3D web startup, CMUNE, which was featured at Le Web Paris 2008.



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