Henri Asseily

CTO, Telnic

.Tel Domain
66 minutes, 30.5mb, recorded 2010-02-22
Henri Asseily

Henri Asseily, CTO of Telnic discusses the company's work as the Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization for .tel, a new sponsored Top Level Domain awarded on May 30th 2006 by ICANN. He reviews the background of .tel's establishment, the company's business model, and technical details of the TLD.

Henri Asseily is Chief Strategist and CTO for Telnic Limited, the registry operator for the new communications-focused .tel domain.  Prior to his position at Telnic, Henri co-founded Shopzilla, Inc. (formerly BizRate.com) in 1996, which under his tenure became the largest shopping search engine and one of the first companies relying on data-driven online marketing. Shopzilla was acquired by Scripps in 2005 for $569M.

He graduated in the The Wharton School MBA class of 1996 from the University of Pennsylvania and also holds a BA in Mathematics and Economics from the same institution. His hobbies include kitesurfing, skiing and snowboarding around the world.  You can reach him at henri.tel, wherever he may be.



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