Duncan Wilson


Networked Architecture
46 minutes, 21.1mb, recorded 2010-02-24

Networks of people, information, things, and energy are coming together in ways that redefine the practice of architecture. Duncan Wilson, an engineer with the global consulting firm Arup, joins host Jon Udell to discuss a variety of projects that illustrate the new synthesis.

As part of the Foresight Innovation and Incubation team at Arup, Duncan Wilson is responsible for researching medium and long term futures with a focus on social and technology factors. He develops foresight and innovation capability within Arup, co-created the Drivers of Change concept and programme manages a series of workshops on the future of the built environment.

Prior to joining Arup Duncan was a Project Manager in the Innovation Centre at Sainsburyís Supermarkets Ltd and an engineer at Nissan (UK). Duncan is a Chartered Engineer (IET), has a PhD from University College London in
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision.


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