Thomas Petersen

Co-Founder, Hello

Beyond Aesthetics
47 minutes, 21.6mb, recorded 2010-02-08
Thomas Petersen

Thomas Petersen discusses his experience in designing for startups and established companies. In addition to discussing the problem with the ever increasing amount of data available on the Internet, he also reviews designing principles, listing steps of good practice.

Thomas Petersen co-founded the agency hello, an unexpected fusion of venture capitalists, creatives, technologists and strategists in 2005. The agency started out designing for startups and developed into a 40 man tall unit within a couple of years.

The last 5 years Thomas has focused on designing RIA applications and has worked with adobe’s lighthouse group on several occasions. Prior to starting hello Thomas worked for a number of agencies including MetaDesign, TribalDDB, Icon Medialab and Sepia Proximity. Thomas has 15 years of experience and has lived of and on for 5 years in the US. He currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In late 2009 Thomas started his side project Black&White on a blog dedicated to design and design thinking. He also teaches design and speaks at different venues. On twitter he is @hello_world.




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