Mitch Ratcliffe

Technology Journalist
45 minutes, 20.8mb, recorded 2010-01-08
Mitch Ratcliffe

Calling from the 2010 CES in Las Vegasi, tech journalist Mitch Ratcliffe joins Phil and Scott to discuss the future of books, reading, and publishing. He talks about how his blog is a platform to discuss authors and publishing, as well as news about the industry. He also reviews new mobile devices, including E-Book readers and tablet computers, as well as the Sophie Project, open source software for writing and reading.

Mitch Ratcliffe is a veteran technology journalist, media executive and serial entrepreneur. He is senior program manager at Microsoft for TechNet . He cofoundedBuzzLogic, was on the founding executive team at ON24, and was SoftBank's board member at Electric Classifieds Inc. and from 1996 to 1998. He was a reporter, editor, editor-in-chief and columnist for various ZD and Seybold publications during the 1990s. Mitch has authored four books; his first e-book was published by Random House in 1993.


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