Mark Rolston

Chief Creative Officer, Frog Design

A White Box. A Vision of Our Evolving Mobile World.
40 minutes, 18.4mb, recorded 2009-03-05
Mark Rolston

At the 2009 eComm, Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer of Frog Design, talks about a new phase in design, exemplified by the likes of Wii and the Android open OS. We currently live in two worlds, the real and the virtual, mediated by 'white boxes' less and less limited by functional distinction. Rolston ponders what we want to do next, what we'll be able to do next, and how the interface device, if there is one, will look and feel.

Continuing on from where he left off in his 2008 presentation, Rolston begins by focussing on the collision between the virtual and the physical.  He discusses how technical innovations such as touch interfaces, the Wii, VR, and 3D graphics allow us to decorate and tag our world, blurring the boundary. We and our world are becoming the computer, Rolston argues.

But how is this technology driving the way we communicate? Rolston delves deeper to look at the modality of communication, and the possible future of communication devices.

Ending with an insightful Q&A from the audience, Rolston then speculates on potential business models for pervasive technology and social tagging, what all this means for issues of privacy, and how OEMs and operators can survive this bold, bright future.

Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer of frog, is responsible for driving frog’s global creative vision. Working closely with the creative leadership team, Mark orchestrates teams of strategists, technologists, designers, information architects, analysts, and others to produce groundbreaking work for Fortune 500 clientele.

An early web pioneer, Mark co-founded frog’s digital media group in 1996, working with clients to leverage emerging technologies and setting the tone for user interface design and e-commerce platforms. He drove the creation of, marking the birth of the most profitable website on the Internet, and crafted the digital experience for i2, Microsoft, SAP, and Sun Microsystems, among others. Today, Mark focuses on the intersection of product, digital, and strategic design, pushing clients to offer truly convergent user experiences.

Mark’s client roster has featured many of the world’s largest brands, including Disney, Ford, GE, HP, Microsoft and Yahoo!. He is an internationally recognized expert on digital media, user interface design, e-commerce, and mobile applications, and has been widely quoted in the press, including Business Week, Fast Company, The New York Times, Technology Review, PC Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.


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