Cullen Jennings

Distinguished Engineer, Office of CTO, Cisco

How Your ISP Plans to "Help" You, and Break the Internet
16 minutes, 7.8mb, recorded 2006-03-03
Dr. Cullen Jennings

Take a deep breathe and jump into this whirlwind eComm presentation from Cullen Jennings, Cisco's Distinguished Engineer, on Network Address Translations (NATs), how they work, what's going on and more importantly, why we should care.

In his densely informative presentation, Jennings looks at if, and when, we're really going to run out of IP addresses, how ISPs are using this to avoid the network neutrality push, and the disturbing implications ISP 'Carrier Grade NATs' have for application developers and end users alike.

From Echo and Relay media servers, hole-punching and latency to the real meaning behind ISP 'network management policies', Jennings' presentation is packed with information but has a simple take-home message.

Dr. Cullen Jennings is a Distinguished Engineer in the Voice Technology Group at Cisco, where he focuses on conferencing, security, firewall and NAT Traversal. He is responsible for helping to set the technology direction for the next generation of Cisco's voice products including conferencing, presence and rich media systems

Dr. Jennings also serves as IETF Real Time Applications Area Director where he helps to develop standards around real time interactive communication applications including voice, video, and instant messaging.

He was the original designer of SIP's certificate management system and most recently was responsible for the SIP Identity RFC. He has served as a Chair and core member of the IETF IP Telephony (IPTEL), NAT Traversal (BEHAVE), and Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WEBDAV) working groups.

Dr. Jennings is also an author of Practical VoIP which is published by O'Reilly, and is a frequent speaker at major voice and security conferences.


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