Maura Corbett

Partner, Qorvis

The First Technology Administration
31 minutes, 14.6mb, recorded 2009-03-05
Maura Corbett

With the arrival of the Obama administration comes the opportunity to improve our stance toward technology in the US, by embracing greater transparency and keeping the Internet open to all. Maura Corbett states in the first half of this session that it is imperative that we get this right; no less than the future of our economic recovery is at stake.

The future of this new path is uncertain, as we will surely confront issues such as differing regulations for various platforms, consumer privacy, and the need for improvements to our public safety and first responder network. But Corbett is cautiously optimistic that this is an opportunity to reverse the path of unchecked power and lack of government oversight characteristic of the previous administration.

In the second half of the session, Corbett answers questions from the audience, in particular addressing the concern that the stated non-discrimination policy may be antithetical to innovation.

Maura Colleton Corbett brings nearly 20 years of communications, public affairs and coalition building experience to Qorvis Communications, leading the company’s technology public affairs practice. Corbett provides strategic counsel to clients faced with complicated issues affecting the high-technology industry. She has represented clients before the US Congress, Federal Communications Commission and the US Department of Commerce/National Telecommunications Information Administration, and extensively with members of the press. In addition, Corbett brings unique and deep-rooted experience in industry coalition building for a number of high-technology matters.

Other pertinent background and relationships include Senior Adviser with MCI WorldCom's Law and Public Policy Group, Vice President for the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), Senior Adviser to the Commercial Internet Exchange and the US Internet Service Providers Alliance, and Telecommunications analyst for The Dun and Bradstreet Corporation. She is also active in local non-profit initiatives focusing on at-risk children and families. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Notre Dame. 



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