Jesse Stay, Tyler Whitaker

Social Network APIs and Tech Books
52 minutes, 24mb, recorded 2009-12-18
Jesse Stay, Tyler Whitaker

In this end-of-year discussion, Jesse Stay and Tyler Whitaker discuss a number of tech topics with Phil and Scott. In addition, to reviewing some recent books and reviewing some computer geek Christmas lists, they also talk about some of the recent software developments surrounding Twitter and Facebook and how each continue to grow in popularity.

Jesse Stay consults with his business, Stay N' Alive Productions, LLC, and runs a social relationship management company called Jesse is one of the pioneers of the Social Media, Facebook, and Twitter Software space. Please Contact him or follow him on Twitter, FriendFeed, or Facebook to schedule his services! Learn more about Jesse and Stay N' Alive Productions on LinkedIn.

Tyler Whitaker is CEO/CTO of TM Ventures, LLC and where he is working on a social media archive solution at ( Most recently he was the Vice President of Operations and Support at Berkeley Data Systems ( &  Mozy was successfully sold to EMC in October of 2007. Before Mozy, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Symbiot Business Group, VP of Engineering at Echopass Corporation, and enjoyed the good old days at WordPerfect Corporation. He blogs at Tyler Whitaker's InfoTech (



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