Randall Julian

Modern Information Management
54 minutes, 24.8mb, recorded 2009-12-07
Topics: Biotech
Randall Julian

Randall Julian founded Indigo BioSystems in order to bring a modern style of information management -- flexible schemas, linked data -- to the business of drug discovery. In this conversation he explains to host Jon Udell that it's not enough to represent experimental data in standard ways. We also need to describe the experimental design that provides the context for that data.

Randall K. Julian, Jr. Ph.D. is President and founder of Indigo BioSystems which develops systems for automating laboratory data analysis with a focus on speeding drug candidates through the development pipeline.  Indigo's platform uses open, accessible, linked data to solve difficult laboratory data analysis problems.  Randy studied Chemistry at Purdue University where he is now an adjunct professor.  Before founding Indigo, Randy spent 14 years in drug research at Eli Lilly working on projects ranging from natural products discovery, high throughput screening and protein biomarker detection.  Randy is very active in data standard development.  Recently Randy worked with the Human Proteome Organization to develop the current XML data standard for mass spectrometry and chromatography data.


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