David Kaneda

David Kaneda

David Kaneda discusses JQTouch, a jQuery plugin for mobile web development, optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. He reviews the background of the project as well as why he chose this way to create the plugin. He also talks about his work with the WebKit browsing engine.

David Kaneda is a designer and web developer in Philadelphia, PA. He has a long history of designing and building standards-compliant sites, with a broad range of clients in architecture, higher education, music, fashion, and software. His passion for the web has led him to contribute to a variety of open source projects, like CakePHP and jQuery. With Jim Dovey, David designed Outpost, a popular iPhone application for Basecamp.

Recently, David has launched WebKitBits, a blog focussed on the WebKit browsing engine in the iPhone, Safari, Chrome, and Android. He has also recently released jQTouch, a jQuery plugin for mobile WebKit development.

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