Marco Barulli

Co-founder, Clipperz

JavaScript Improvements
44 minutes, 20.4mb, recorded 2009-10-27
Marco Barulli

Clipperz is an online password manager that knows nothing about you or your data, and transmits no secrets over the wire. How? In this conversation with host Jon Udell, Clipperz co-founder Marco Barulli explains that recent improvements in JavaScript engines have enabled a new generation of zero-knowledge web applications.

Marco Barulli and his partner Giulio Cesare Solaroli started Clipperz in 2006, a start-up focused on researching and prototyping innovative cryptography systems and services. In 2007 Clipperz introduced the first zero-knowledge web application, an online password manager.

After getting his degreee in Computer Science at the University of Bologna (1993), Marco moved to the UK as fellow researcher on parallel algorithms at the Loughborough University of Technology. Then he had a very stimulating experience in the telco sector by working at the startup of the Italian branch of MCI Worldcom (1996). In 1998 his passion for digital media made him leave the corporate job to become an entrepreneur. He cofounded eXtrapola, a company providing clipping services from online media. Today eXtrapola is the leading Italian provider of online media monitoring services. After being the CEO of eXtrapola for 7 years he resigned to become a technology advisor for companies, local governments and public institutions.



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