Daniel Debow

Co-CEO, Rypple

How to Get Honest Feedback
30 minutes, 13.9mb, recorded 2009-10-07
Topics: Business Privacy
Daniel Debow

How can you solicit honest feedback from friends and business associates? Rypple co-founder Daniel Debow says that his company's new service is the answer. It's quick, it's easy, and it's anonymous. It's true that online anonymity can often lead to trouble online. But Daniel Debow tells host Jon Udell that when used appropriately it can be a key enabler of interpersonal feedback.


Daniel Debow is a founder and co-CEO of Rypple, the best way to get better.  Rypple helps people find out what customers, co-workers and mentors really think so that they can take action and improve.  Prior to Rypple, Daniel was one of the founders and the VP of Corporate Development and Marketing for Workbrain, an enterprise software company that was acquired by Infor in June 2007. He co-wrote the business plan for Workbrain while in business school.  Daniel previously worked for Goldman Sachs and Sullivan & Cromwell.

He holds a BA from Western Ontario (Psychology), a JD/MBA from the University of Toronto (Gold Medalist), and an LLM in Law, Science & Technology from Stanford University.   He's also a huge music fan, plays the bass, and spends far too much time online. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Jordana.


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