Eve Maler

Co-Inventor, XML

User-Managed Access (UMA)
46 minutes, 21.5mb, recorded 2009-09-28
Eve Maler

Eve Maler discusses her work on User-Managed Access (UMA). In addition to discussing the concept of UMA, she gives examples of its use, as well as her work with the User Managed Access Working Group at the Kantara Initiative and how UMA relates to Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM), part of the U.S. Government's work in overseeing the government-wide activities related to Cybersecurity and Identity Management.

Eve Maler is a Distinguished Engineer in PayPal’s Identity Services group, where she drives the development of security and identity strategies for enabling consumer choice in permissioning of personal data sharing.

Eve was one of the inventors of XML; she also co-founded the SAML effort and has made major leadership, technical, and educational contributions to many other standards and technical communities. In recent times she has focused primarily on consumer trust, privacy, and empowerment issues in Web identity and permissioned data-sharing. She launched an open effort called User-Managed Access to explore long-term solutions in this area.

Eve is a sought-after public speaker, and serves as the chair of the Web Services and Identity track of the annual XML Summer School held at University of Oxford.

Eve co-authored Developing SGML DTDs: From Text to Model to Markup, a book that provided a unique methodology for information analysis and SGML schema design. Eve’s blog, Pushing String at xmlgrrl.com, touches on topics both technical and whimsical.




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