Florent Stroppa

Director of Product Management, Voxmobili

Creating New Opportunities from Android Openness
12 minutes, 5.5mb, recorded 2009-03-03
Florent Stroppa

Mobile application developers usually groan at having to support yet another operating system, so in this eComm 2009 talk why does Voxmobili's Director of Product Management, Florent Stroppa, applaud the arrival of Android?

Stroppa explains the motivation behind the build of his PhoneBook 2.0 application - one of 50 to win the first round of the Google Android Developer Challenge - before moving on to discuss some advantages of Android.

With a free license, equal rights for apps, and mashup capability, to name just a few, Stroppa shares the reasons why he's excited about the new mobile eco-system Android is creating, and how it's allowing users, developers, handset manufacturers and operators to focus on what they do best.

As Director of Product Management, Florent Stroppa drives Voxmobili product development strategies and is responsible for product management, product marketing, competitive analysis and sales support.
 Stroppa has played multiple roles within Voxmobili since joining the company in 2001, and has been instrumental in driving the company's growth by working closely with Voxmobili's strategic customers. The mobile services he manages are deployed at operators such as Orange, Vodafone UK, T-Mobile, Turkcell and Telstra.

Prior to joining Voxmobili, Stroppa co-founded WStadium, a company focused on mobile games and his  PhoneBook 2.0 application was one of 50 to win the first round of the Google Android Developer Challenge.

Stroppa holds an Engineering degree from the University of Paris Sud and a Master degree from Telecom Paris.



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