Stefano Mazzocchi


50 minutes, 23.3mb, recorded 2009-09-23
Stefano Mazzocchi

Much of the web's implicit connectedness is never made explicit because we refer to the same things in many different ways. In this conversation, Metaweb's Stefano Mazzocchi explains to host Jon Udell how Freebase reconciles web namespaces to expose useful connections.

Stefano Mazzocchi is currently Application Catalyst at Metaweb tasked to help enabling a development ecosystem around Freebase as a platform. Previously, he was a research scientist at MIT working on the SIMILE Project for the Digital Library Research Group of the MIT Libraries.

He is also known for his open source activities within the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) of which he’s been a member since 1999 and a director between 2003 and 2005. There, he’s mostly known for having started the Apache Cocoon project and, before that, for having being a release manager for Apache JServ (a servlet container now retired, precursor of Apache Tomcat). But  some of his code can be found in several open source projects.

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