John Geraci

Creator, DIY City

DIY City: An Operating System for Cities
10 minutes, 5mb, recorded 2009-05-20
John Geraci - Creator of DIYcity

From tracking flu outbreaks to traffic updates the amount of information available within a city is open to exploitation by savvy citizens. Adapting the decentralized chaotic morass of the Internet to the modern city John Geraci discusses adapting rich data about the city through the open source website DIYcity for citizens and city planner.

In this speech given at the Where 2.0 conference John Geraci discusses the emerging functionality to be gleaned from tracking tweets to collaborating with transportation departments to creating citizen led development of public infrastructure. From twitter to passive weather satelites the amount of raw data available on the city increases every day. DIYcity offers a platform for engaged people to improve their city without waiting for municipalities to act.

John Geraci is an entrepreneur co-founder of a hyperlocal news generating service and more recently the Open-Source community development site DIY City.



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