Russ McGuire

VP of Strategy, Sprint

Cutting the Cord on Big Bell Dogma
16 minutes, 7.3mb, recorded 2009-03-03
Russ McGuire

For over 100 years, telecom has been ruled with a monopolist mentality.  Russ McGuire, VP of Strategy at Sprint, calls this the Big Bell Dogma and tells how mobile communications break the monopoly and will free us from the past.

The Big Bell Dogma consists of protecting the status quo at all costs, restricting what can be done on the networks, and end-to-end control on all aspects of the network.  Wireless has multiple competing carriers in each market, while land line telecoms usually have a geographic monopoly.  Because of the competition in wireless, the carriers are more open to innovation and willing to release some control at the edges of the network.  For instance, Amazon's Kindle is just one of 200 devices not developed or certified by Sprint that operates on its network.

Russ McGuire is a leading strategist and visionary in the telecom industry. As vice president of strategy for Sprint, he is responsible for developing the strategic vision and strategic framework for the $40B+ telecommunications giant.

His experience includes 20+ years in the telecom industry plus experience in the defense and nuclear power industries. Prior to joining Sprint, Russ was Chief Strategy Officer for TeleChoice, a leading business strategy consultancy solely focused on innovative telecom market opportunities. In this role he guided top executives from established and start-up telecom companies in developing core business strategies and market strategies to leverage their unique capabilities into sustainable market positions. Mr. McGuire has founded or co-founded two successful technology startups. Additionally, he has been a regular columnist for Network World, Business Reform, and Success magazines.


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