Kingsley Idehen

CEO, OpenLink Software

RDFa and Structured Data
49 minutes, 22.7mb, recorded 2009-09-02
Kingsley Idehen

Kingsley Idehen thinks the semantic web should make us masters of our own search indexes. Structured data, in other words, is the new SEO (search engine optimization). In this conversation with host Jon Udell, you'll learn how a web-friendly format called RDFa, along with business-friendly vocabularies like GoodRelations, can help our personal and business About pages tell the world what services we offer, and what services we need.

Kingsley Idehen is Founder, President, and CEO of OpenLink Software, a privately held company founded in 1992. Born in Manchester, England in 1965, of Nigerian heritage, Idehen was raised in both Great Britain and Nigeria. In the mid 1990s, he relocated to the USA, where OpenLink is now based.



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