Ian Forrester

BBC Backstage
56 minutes, 25.8mb, recorded 2009-08-26
Ian Forrester

BBC Backstage is the umbrella term for an evolving set of feeds and APIs that the BBC has been offering since 2005. In this conversation, Ian Forrester updates Jon Udell on what progress has been made, and what obstacles remain, as the BBC navigates toward its digital future.

Ian Forrester heads up the BBC's Backstage, a developer/designer network like no other. His role as head of BBC Backstage includes working with internal and external developers/designers to express their creativity through BBC feeds and APIs. Backstage makes available as much BBC data as possible for any member of the public to republish, remix and mash-up under a non-commercial license.

Ian is also well known for geek social events, including London Geekdinners, BarCampLondon, Hackday, Mashed, Edinburgh TV Un-Festival and Over the Air. He now lives in Manchester, UK where he works for the BBC's R&D department where he focuses on open innovation and new opportunities via lively engagement and outreach.

Previously a founder of the dataportability.org group and advocate for the XML technologies, Open Standards and the Commons, he still finds time to blog regularly about a whole mixture of topics at his personal blog cubicgarden.com.


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