Jonathan Christensen

General Manager, Audio & Video, Skype

Codec Evolution and Industry Proposal
29 minutes, 13.4mb, recorded 2009-03-03
Jonathan Christensen

The technology of voice transmission has gone through remarkable changes over the past 100 years. Skype's latest voice compression technology is designed to take advantage of the higher bitrates available to Internet users, creating a clearer more rich range of voice transmission. Released free to the public and businesses alike, Jonathan Christensen Skype's General Manager of Audio Compression for Video and Audio, explains the development of their latest audio API Silk. Addressing questions on SILK from implementation to Skype's business model, Christensen paints a colorful picture on the place it will take going forward. 

Jonathan Christensen is Skype's General Manager of Audio Compression for Video and with over 15 years working within the field of IP communications. He is cofounder and former CEO of Camino Networks having worked for FaceTime Communications and Microsoft.





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