Mark Roettgering

Lead Director, Corporate Strategy, T-Mobile USA

The Economics of Mobility: The Communications Value-System at the Dawn of a New Era
16 minutes, 7.8mb, recorded 2009-03-03
Mark Roettgering

Is the traditional economic structure of the wireless communications space finally coming to an end?  In this talk from the 2009 Emerging Commuications Conference, Mark Roettgering, Lead Director of Corporate Strategy at T-Mobile examines the fundamental sources of value creation in the mobile value system and considers what changes are on the horizon.

While carriers have long been viewed as the enemy of innovation, they do have a long term vision for continuing the evolution of customer communications.  Changes in the industry, from serving mainly businesses to consumers, and from a fast-growing to a stable, mature business, has caused the carriers to approach business more creatively.  The high cost to entry limited the adoption of open standards, but the growing competition for stable revenue streams has led the carriers to focus on the most important service they provide to customers:  communication.  There is room for innovation in the wireless space, and companies that create a module that creates customer value and has synergy with the existing infrastructure and partners will find success.

Mark Roettgering leads the Corporate Strategy & Analysis Team at T-Mobile USA. There, he leverages his 17 years of industry and consulting experience to help the enterprise make smart decisions in the face of high uncertainty and high business complexity. A diverse, background in hardware development, manufacturing, finance, marketing, CRM, consumer research, and product development gives Mr. Roettgering a unique perspective on the multifaceted 'emerging communications' space. Mark earned a BSEE from the University of California at Davis and an MS in Management Science from Stanford University.


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