Cathy Marshall

Personal Digital Management
45 minutes, 20.9mb, recorded 2009-07-27
Cathy Marshall

Cathy Marshall is fascinated by how people manage, and avoid managing, their digital stuff. In this conversation with host Jon Udell she discusses her research on the efficacy of Flickr tags for image retrieval, and explains why we're rediscovering the virtues of loss and forgetting.

Cathy Marshall is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley; she has been at Microsoft for the last nine years. Cathy has long worked in the disciplinary interstices of computer science, information science, and the humanities, with occasional collaborations in the arts and the sciences. Her interests include digital archiving and long-term retrieval; how people use and share encountered information; how people read, annotate, navigate through, and interact with eBooks and other electronic publications; and spatial hypertext. She holds provocative views on topics like the Semantic Web and social tagging. Before coming to Microsoft, she was a long-time member of the research staff at Xerox PARC. She has delivered keynotes at WWW, Hypertext, Usenix FAST, CNI, VALA, ACH-ALLC, and a variety of other CS and LIS venues.




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