Michael S. Dunn

Vice President, Hearst Interactive Media

Semantic Technology Conference
44 minutes, 20.5mb, recorded 2009-07-21
Michael S. Dunn

Mike Dunn, a veteran technologist in the media industry, recently attended and spoke at the 2009 Semantic Technology Conference. In this episode he and host Jon Udell review the highlights of the conference and discuss some emerging practical uses of semantic tools and techniques.

Michael S. Dunn, Vice President, Hearst Interactive Media directs all of Hearst’s enterprise technology initiatives, manages the enterprise Program Management Office, performs venture related technology due diligence and coordinates all strategic technology relationships. He is also the go to person for exposing Hearst’s traditional media businesses to emerging media technology trends and capabilities. He is actively involved in Hearst’s strategic investment activity, identifying and conducting technical due diligence on new investment opportunities as well as providing ongoing technical support to the companies within the HIM portfolio. He is responsible for technology oversight of all HIM wholly owned properties including UGO, 1Up and Kaboodle. Finally he oversees and coordinates Hearst’s sponsorship of the MIT Media LAB and the partnership Hearst has with Northerwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, related to technology initiatives.


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