Mary Ann Cotter

Founder, Cooking Capsules

Cooking Capsules and the New Digital Lifestyle
11 minutes, 5mb, recorded 2009-03-03
Mary Ann Cotter

Have you ever found a recipe but never ended up cooking it?  Cooking Capsules, one of the first applications for Android smartphones, could be the answer.  In this talk from 2009 Emerging Communications Conference, Mary Ann Cotter, founder and CEO of Smart Capsules, shares her experience going from idea to product launch and some tips for aspiring mobile application developers.

Cooking Capsules is a new approach to cooking that provides more help than a traditional recipe.  It includes three pieces:  a video of a cooking show featuring the recipe, a built-in shopping list, and a step-by-step checklist for preparing and cooking the recipe.  The application has been placed in the top 20 of the Android Developer Challenge and has been downloaded tens of thousands of times since the launch in October.  Cooking Capsules demonstrates Cotter's tips for developers:  focus on usability, design and branding, and expand over time based on feedback from customers.

Mary Ann Cotter is the originator of Cooking Capsules, an app that introduces a new way to cook. It is among the Top 20 winners in the Android Developer Challenge.

Mary Ann grew up in the Bay Area, then studied Sociology at the University of Montana and the University of Georgia. Upon graduation she moved to New York City. She now lives in San Francisco where, before starting Cooking Capsules, she worked for eleven years as an independent multimedia designer with projects for clients including SGI, Macromedia, SFInteractive, TechTV,, Benefit Cosmetics, Swirl, EBStudios, Lunar and E*Trade.


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