Mike Douglass, Steven Lees

XML iCalendar
42 minutes, 19.2mb, recorded 2009-07-09
Mike Douglass, Steven Lees

There's a new effort to define an XML representation for iCalendar, the venerable standard for exchanging calendar information. In this episode of Interviews with Innovators, host Jon Udell talks with two of the authors of the proposed specification -- Mike Douglass and Steven Lees -- about why it's needed, what kinds of problems it will and won't solve, and how the capabilities that iCalendar enables compare and contrast with those enabled by the newer CalDAV standard.

Mike Douglass spent many years in the mainframe world ending that period after a move from the UK to Rensselaer Polytechnic Intitute, Troy NY, transitioning via modula-3 to the world of Java, then through accident
or design into the world of calendars. He joined CalConnect shortly after it's first meeting to facilitate the work with bedework, which led to his involvement with CalDAV, the icalendar XML format and chair of the timezones committee.

Steven Lees is the program manager for FeedSync (http://feedsync.org) at Microsoft and the chair of the XML Technical Committee in CalConnect. TC XML is currently working to define a common XML format for iCalendar data so that we can improve the exchange of calendaring data between different applications and services.



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