Peter O'Toole

Chief Technical Officer, mTuitive

Electronic Medical Records
42 minutes, 19.3mb, recorded 2009-06-17
Peter O'Toole

Can electronic medical records really help us deliver better care at lower cost? Maybe, says Peter O'Toole, but it'll require plenty of clueful cooperation between software and medical professionals. In this conversation with host Jon Udell, he discusses expert systems, knowledge representation, data interchange standards, and the subtle art of balancing constraints and freedom in the gathering of clinical information.

Peter O'Toole leads engineering and product development.  At mTuitive, O'Toole designed and developed the mTuitive Agile Author, a visual tool that lets medical experts encode their knowledge as data and rules.  He works closely with MDs to turn their knowledge into applications using mTuitive's unique tools and platform.  He is mTuitive's technical and subject matter liaison to Cancer Care Ontario as well as other standards groups and professional societies.  Presently, O'Toole is leading development of a new operative reporting product, including a port of mTuitive's core technology to a web-based solution using Microsoft Silverlight.  He has previous experience in development, technical writing, and product marketing during stints at Cognitive Arts, eObject, and SilverStream Software. O'Toole holds a bachelor of arts from Brown University.


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